Hate Speaking online and more

There are more hate speech definitions and they have been issued by the Council of Europe and the OSCE and other international organizations. In short, hate speech would be radical speech, especially against groups, not individuals, or if an individual is insulted in order to reach the group and which contains incitement to violence.


Hate speech, and if not by that name, was sanctioned in the Criminal Code by Art. 319.
The case is titled "Causing Hate, Dispute or Intolerance on National, Racial, Religious and Other Discriminatory grounds", where the suspended sentence is from one to 5 years, and in case of severe consequences up to 10 years in prison:

Portugal is the second countries that least segregate the romani children at scholls

Despite being one of the countries that secrete Roma children less in schools, it is also in Portugal that Roma live in worse conditions. The conclusion is a report by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights.The same document reveals that respect for the rights of refugees is one of the main challenges facing the European Union, which faces accusations of summary expulsions, violence, indifference towards shipwrecks, and lack of protection for children.


Roma and US History by Lorcan Otway

The recent events on the page here, about identity and ethnicity, brings up an important question, which Petra Gelbart points to a close equivalent and a potential path to understanding. She brings up the difference between enrolled Indians and the many folks with various amounts to no Indian heritage who claim status and play at being native and the same in the Romani community.

Excuse the drop for a moment in American Indian law and history, I do so to explain a project begun by Steve Kaslov, the Boro of the vitsa Pupesti and his friend President Franklin Roosevelt. I inherited this project for a number of years in 1993, working with the late Little Joe Kaslov, his grandnephew, rest his soul.